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Healthcare Trends during the Pandemic

Healthcare consumption trends during the pandemic

Posted On: March 12, 2021 by Mike Mallaro in: Healthcare, VGM

The pandemic had a significant impact on healthcare businesses and healthcare consumption.    With full 2020 data now reported, we can assess the trends and what they may indicate going forward: For the full year of 2020, health insurers experienced a reduction in healthcare consumption of about 2-3% compared to 2019.  I think it is reasonable to assume healthcare consumption other than COVID declined by about 5-6% for the year, offset in part by the increased healthcare...
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Healthcare Trends during the Pandemic

Update on healthcare trends during pandemic

Posted On: August 25, 2020 by Mike Mallaro in: Healthcare, VGM

Healthcare activity continues to be muted due to impact of the pandemic. Elective medical procedures are still tracking nearly 20% below “normal” levels.  The pipeline for new candidates for procedures in not re-filling as fast as historically.  Hip and knee replacement volume was actually slightly lower in recent weeks than in June, speaking to the pipeline issue. This same rationale will impact HME patient pipelines.  Prescription volumes were 8-10% below...
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