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Unintended Consequences

Posted On: May 13, 2022 by Mike Mallaro in: Healthcare, Opinions

A frightening nationwide shortage of baby formula (and enteral nutrition supplies) is creating disruption and anxiety among the many people who rely on these products. On the surface it is another in a series of supply chain issues that seem to be everywhere these days. I see a parallel between baby formula and CPAPs and therein perhaps a different prism through which to view such issues.  The baby formula shortage originated after the FDA closed an Abbott formula production...
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Tags: CPAP, fda, formula, philips, supply chain, vgm

Healthcare Trends during the Pandemic

Update on healthcare trends during pandemic

Posted On: August 25, 2020 by Mike Mallaro in: Healthcare, VGM

Healthcare activity continues to be muted due to impact of the pandemic. Elective medical procedures are still tracking nearly 20% below “normal” levels.  The pipeline for new candidates for procedures in not re-filling as fast as historically.  Hip and knee replacement volume was actually slightly lower in recent weeks than in June, speaking to the pipeline issue. This same rationale will impact HME patient pipelines.  Prescription volumes were 8-10% below...
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Tags: CPAP, healthcare, healthcare trends, hme, pandemic, vgm