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Value in Peaceful Reflection & Restfulness

Value in Peaceful Reflection & Restfulness

I saw Van the other night.  He pointed to me, smiled and yelled across the way, “lowering your handicap, Mikey?”

Van is Van G. Miller, founder of VGM and the man who preceded me as CEO of our company.  He passed in 2015 – a faulty heart and too much wear on the tires.  I worked for him and learned from him for fourteen years prior to succeeding his legend.  He loved golf and a reference to a golf handicap was not unexpected.

I’m left wondering what that dream meant?  What was my subconscious telling me?  I was leaving the office when I encountered him, and he was entering through another door across the way.  Was I leaving work early, and he assumed I was golfing too much?  Was he (my inner brain) suggesting I’m not working hard enough?  Perhaps it was the opposite.  Was he encouraging me to worry less and take more time off, enjoy things more?  Yet another interpretation is that Van’s smile signaled approval, that he was brief so as to avoid addressing the many changes since his passing, but that he did want to gently encourage me to keep trying to get better, even when the wind is blowing and the swing is flawed.

What signs does the universe send us?  And why?  What about the timing and the chosen carrier of the message?  There are many ways to grow, to work on ourselves.  Books, relationships, podcasts and experiences all help.  And so too does peaceful reflection and restfulness.  Blank space and pausing the mind help power creative advance.  It’s a way of “looking in the mirror” to our mind.  A means of exploring what else our brain has to offer and what our soul has to tell us.  Be mindful and you might just discover something important.

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Georgie Blackburn | Nov 30th 2020 @ 7:50 PM

Mike, You hit a cord with these words! I have always tried to interpret my dreams and have gained counsel from them. It works in private life and in business. GREAT, THOUGHT PREVOKING, ARTICLE!

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