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The Power of One: Provide Meaningful, Memorable Service

The Power of One: Provide Meaningful, Memorable Service

Customers demand compelling solutions to solve their challenges and relieve their burdens, provided at a fair price. It’s easy in business to get hung up on the transaction part of the equation, and forget what makes your offering compelling. If the best reason that we give people to do business with us is that we offer the best price, then the relationship that we have with them is merely transactional. Here at VGM, we strive to create a community for our customers to belong to, where we make it easy for them to do business and provide them with peace of mind so they can worry about other important things. It’s a place where they can get what they need from people who they trust and who treat them well. People with a sense of urgency, compassion, and authenticity who can solve their problems for them.

Some of the people who rely on our services are in a vulnerable place. Maybe they’re recovering from a bad accident, dealing with an audit or other serious claim, or operating on what feels like an island. Maybe they’re a healthcare provider who’s struggling to find their way to profitability in an uncertain marketplace. Sometimes they’re concerned about cybersecurity, but unsure what the threats are or what steps they need to take to protect their business and the patients who rely on it. Whatever burdens they might be carrying, VGM’s staff of dedicated employee-owners are here to help them bear the load.

Our customers aren’t just an account number or a spreadsheet entry to us. They’re the reason why our company exists. Our fifth Power of One Principle reminds us to recognize and respect the humanity and vulnerability in those we serve and to treat their problems like our problems. Because they are. It tells us to act with urgency and passion, always striving to be exceptional rather than just “good enough.” On our best day, we connect with our customers on a personal level and provide them with the same thoughtful service that we would offer to our friends and family members. When we do that, people remember how our service and solutions made them feel long after they’ve received our help, and they know that they can count on us whenever they might need it again.


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