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The Power of One: Find Fun in Your Day

The Power of One: Find Fun in Your Day

Van Miller, the founder of our company, always made a point of telling us the same thing before any big event or important meeting with customers: “Have fun!” Van liked to have a good time around the office, so it could be easy to miss the greater point of his “have fun” instruction. He definitely wanted each of us to have some fun every day, but his real desire was that each of our customers would have the kind of impactful, positive, and compelling experience that they would remember long after our interaction with them was over. Van knew that our customers, like anyone else, like to be around people who are friendly and know how to enjoy themselves!

This Power of One Principle enshrines Van’s desire for every employee owner at VGM to have fun, take some joy in their work, and thereby make the day a bit brighter for everyone that they encounter. When we laugh, play, visit, toast, and dance together, we partake in the sort of experience that we aspire to create for those we serve. Moreover, we satisfy the innate human need to belong to and be a part of a community.

People are the centerpiece of what we offer at VGM. When we smile warmly, extend a hand, welcome a stranger, talk with an old friend, connect people with other people that they should know, invite someone to an event, or lend someone an ear over dinner or drinks, we set ourselves apart from those who simply seek to conclude one transaction and move on to the next one.


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