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The Power of One: Cheer Each Other On

The Power of One: Cheer Each Other On

VGM is in the service and solutions business, and that means that what we do is all about people. VGM has always been a place where extraordinary people give their all every day to provide extraordinary service to our community of customers, clients, patients, caregivers, and vendor partners. We encourage the extraordinary. There are a lot of companies out there that work very hard to maintain sameness within their workforce. We take a different approach.

VGM strives to be a workplace that recognizes, appreciates, and celebrates exceptional performers and performances. Those who always go the extra mile for those that they serve, solve difficult problems while making it look easy, find a better way forward, or dare to forge ahead into new and unexplored territory. Individuals like this serve as powerful examples to all of us while helping us to maintain our momentum and agility. We don’t ask them to slow down or stop so that the rest of us can catch up. We exhort them to run faster and harder while we strive to match their pace!

We don’t fall into the trap of thinking of our co-workers as competition. Every member of the VGM family makes a unique contribution to our company’s success, and none of us could do what we do quite as effectively without everyone doing their part. As those around us make sales, score wins, get promoted, build relationships, and generally succeed, all of us share in the benefits together. When one succeeds, we all succeed. That’s the Power of One.

This third principle reminds us to celebrate our achievements, both individually and as a company, and to view our fellow employee-owners as valued teammates and family members. It also represents our commitment to lift up and celebrate our top performers, those who routinely go above and beyond the call of duty, so that all of us can take inspiration from the example that they set. As we cheer one another on and celebrate each other’s victories, we elevate one another and prosper together.


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