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The Finish Line

The Finish Line

The sun is shining in Waterloo, Iowa.  Sixty or seventy people are queued up at our Annex office getting their second dose of vaccine.  A VGM mom, masked, her eight-week-old baby in tow.  Baby knows no other world, yet smiling with delight, taking in all the action, happy, healthy, vibrant.  Two of our people talking in the hallway, spitting ideas, plotting a course for an upcoming pitch.  Two others waiting out their fifteen-minute post-shot hourglass, and using it to talk through an anxious customers’ call today and how we might be able to help.  A purposeful office manager, greeting me, but moving on quickly to a stack of tasks needing done. On my radio the Mayor of New York City announcing plans for a July 1 full reopening of the City, the previously locked down worldwide capital of commerce.  Earlier this week a smallish group of VGM outside sales and marketing folks convening live for the first time in over a year, surging with energy. Less than two weeks ago a partial return to office at VGM with a couple hundred happy people so glad to convene, to be back in community with one another. 

The pandemic has been tough, forcing sacrifice that has taken a thousand different forms.  And yet not as bad is we could have expected, with many silver linings such as family time and the great outdoors.  But we are coming out of the tunnel, and it feels good.  The sunshine, baby’s smile and all of the above are the signs of hope, optimism and a bright future. 

Let’s all be smart and diligent and as my daughter has learned in track, let’s run all the way to the finish line.  But know that what lies ahead has the power to amaze and delight us all.   


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