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Power of One Principle – Make a Difference 

Power of One Principle – Make a Difference 

Few things in life are more satisfying than knowing that you’ve made a difference. No matter our role – employee, leader, parent, competitor, volunteer – making a difference must always be primary.

Making a difference can involve helping to make another person’s life better, or helping them solve a problem, save money or capitalize on an opportunity.  It can be helping our friends and neighbors in need by getting involved in opportunities to give back to our communities.  It can take the form of extending a hand across the aisle to help a co-worker better understand or cope with a challenge. Or helping an elderly neighbor get groceries in the pandemic. We must aspire to make a difference every day.

Our eighth and final Power of One Principle implores us to make a difference. On our best day at VGM, we help an injured worker transition from hospital to home, or provide insights on complex issues, or connect people to others they should know, or ship a CPAP mask to someone who wants a good nights sleep with a clean mask, or protect a healthcare provider from a risk they did not see coming, or help a customer get their message out. On our best day we make a difference. In whatever it is you set out to do today, make a difference.


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