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Great Teams

Great Teams

The summer when I was twelve I played on the Gibson Red Sox baseball team.  Our team finished the season with a record of zero wins and sixteen losses.  We were what our record said we were.   

Today most of us are part of teams – maybe a company, a department, a family or a community group. We each have a job to do as part of a team, with individual job duties and responsibilities.  But perhaps more importantly, we each have an ability to make an impact as a great teammate.  The research indicates (courtesy of Patrick Lencioni) the ideal team player has three attributes: hungry, humble and people smart.  Hungry people strive, and rarely have to be pushed because they are self-motivated and diligent.  Humble people aren’t burdened with excessive ego or longing for status, but rather emphasize the good of the team.  Those with people smarts have good common sense about people and are interpersonally appropriate and aware.  A strong team is more than the sum of its parts.  By being a team player you can help your entire team thrive, as well as helping yourself.  

My Gibson Red Sox were not a good team and our record showed it.  Making yourself a great teammate increases the chances of success for any team for which you are a part.   

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Leo Levine | Jul 20th 2020 @ 4:30 PM

Dear Mike, I had the pleasure of meeting you at last year's Heartland. I look forward to seeing you again (in-person) next year. Thank-you for your commentary. When my son (now 33, and a Dad himself) was in little league, I had the opportunity to be the little league manager. The team went 1-14 that season. Every kid showed-up for every game, at the end of each game, we awarded one of the players the game ball (for some accomplishment they did). My son & his friends still talk about that season

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