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A foreign assault right before our eyes

A foreign assault right before our eyes

Imagine a scenario where Russian warships approach America’s coast and launch an invasion of Louisiana.  Imagine further the Russian soldiers break into buildings and seize valuables – keeping some of the spoils of the invasion and offering others back to the Louisianans, but only upon payment of ransom.  Finally, imagine the USA, with its vast military, intelligence and economic powers, doing nothing, except to encourage the good folks of Louisiana to resist the invasion as best they could.   Unthinkable?   

While there has been no ground invasion of Louisiana nor any other state, there has been a relentless string of attacks on American businesses and healthcare institutions by enemy governments.  Hundreds of hospitals have been attacked in recent weeks, with the enemy’s objective being to steal or lock up data and systems and only release these once significant ransoms have been paid by the victim, in this case the hospitals.  This particular set of attacks is being perpetrated by Russia.  To be clear, this is a highly sophisticated attack carried out by Russian government, military and intelligence operatives.  This is what a modern invasion looks like, rather than the mythical scenario I described in the first paragraph.  And it is not just the Russians attacking Americans and American interests.  Similar attacks have also been perpetrated by China, North Korea and Middle Eastern military and intelligence arms.  

Foreign attacks on Americans and American institutions – in America – is outrageous and unacceptable.  So where is the American government in this quagmire?  Nowhere to be found, largely silent and offering little to no help. They are treating this as a competition between rival hospitals or competing businesses – warning victims broadly that attacks are imminent and issuing rules the victims should follow.    

This is a war, with US businesses and healthcare on one side and on the other side the full force, resources and might of entire enemy governments.  In no way is that a fair fight.  The failure of our own US government to step in and defend American interests is an act of unimaginable negligence, a breach of their obligation to protect us from foreign enemies.  

Our American military, intelligence and diplomatic agencies have the resources and tools at their disposal to halt these foreign attacks.  They’ve previously used such force with extremely effective results, but only in advancing covert military objectives like disabling Iranian nuclear capacity and have chosen not to use such powers to defend American citizens, businesses and healthcare institutions under attack. Left to fight on our own, we have, and we do, win most of those battles.  But we need more help.  Our federal government must begin to act to defend those of us who they represent.  The failures of the federal government to defend Americans in this case is a result of a dysfunctional Washington DC, a military and diplomatic complex that tends to prepare for the last war rather than the next one, and an extremely aging leadership group in DC who struggle to fully understand technology.  More on those failures next week. 


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Chris Hetherton | Nov 3rd 2020 @ 4:47 PM

Well said.

Samuel Hall | Nov 13th 2020 @ 3:10 PM


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