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Archive - September 2020

custom breast prosthesis

Failure by Medicare Bureaucrats

Posted On: September 30, 2020 by Mike Mallaro in: Healthcare, VGM

pros-the-sis (noun): a device, either external or implanted, that substitutes for or supplements a missing or defective part of the body.  Medicare provides health coverage for prosthetics (artificial limbs and body parts) when need is indicated by the patient’s physician.  Makes perfect sense.  Further, Medicare coverage provides for a custom-fit prosthetic - arms, legs, ears, hands, eyes...
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team player

Win with great team players

Posted On: September 21, 2020 by Mike Mallaro in: Employee Ownership, Social commentary, VGM, Work Culture

The other day I clicked on the link to a video of a basketball game played 40 years ago – and had an epiphany - mostly the best teams win, not the team with the best player(s).    The game was Iowa vs. Georgetown, with the winner going to the Final Four.  The Iowa team had no all-Big Ten players that year.  Of their five leading scores that game, four never played a minute in the NBA, and the one that did was a...
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Healthcare Trends during the Pandemic

More updates on Healthcare during the Pandemic

Posted On: September 8, 2020 by Mike Mallaro in: Healthcare, VGM

The business of healthcare continues to face serious headwinds as a result of the pandemic.  A few newsworthy developments:  A recent Kaufman Hall analysis found hospital and health system operating margins were down 96% in 2020 (through July) as compared to same period of 2019.  A meaningful amount of that decline was offset by government intervention and financial support.  But even after all stimulus and support aid from the government, hospitals and...
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Tags: DMEPOS, future, health, trends, mega-trends, healthcare, hme, vgm