One might be overwhelmed, but two standing together can resist. A three-fold cord is not easily broken. – Ecclesiastes 4:12

I began my career as a CPA in an accounting firm. One of my clients was a fishing tackle manufacturer whose lead product was fishing line.  Fishing line is made by extruding a melted plastic substance to create a thin line that is both flexible and strong.  Fishing for bigger, stronger fish requires a different line. I learned from my client that the way to make stronger line is to braid many individual lines together, similar to the way that rope is made. Braided line is incredibly strong and very difficult to break, yet it retains its flexibility.

When people work together to solve problems and serve customers, each person usually brings a unique approach and perspective to the task. I’d like to submit that a team is strongest when emulating the braided fishing line. One person with a good customer relationship is a strong beginning, but a web of people building relationships and connectivity and bringing solutions to the customer’s challenges – that’s braiding. Braiding makes the bonds between people much stronger and much more difficult to break.

Bringing the right people, services, and opportunities to our customers to solve their problems and make their lives easier is extremely powerful. Braided fishing line works to catch and keep the largest, most sought-after fish. So does the braiding of the relationships and services that our people offer to our customer.

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